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YuelongProduction and export base of cable tray

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Production and export base of cable tray
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  Service Commitment

Jiangsu yuelong electric power equipment CO.,LTD makes the following commitment in order to guarantee the service quality after the bid

1. Actively cooperate do a good job in the selection of product design, and actively cooperate with customers, keep in touch with the user. Also should reach agreement with the user in timely for the optimization of the design changes.

2. We sincerely invite users and customers related staff  to our company for intermediate inspection and we will voluntarily accept supervision in view of the key technology of cable tray in the process of production.

3. Notify the user ready for picking up goods after shipment, and take the corresponding special marking for shipment special thing in accordance with the specification

4. Promptly arrange staff to the scene after shipment, counting and handover by requirement, timely repair and replacement damages and lack of parts occurred in the process of transport.

5. Timely solve the related problems in the process of acceptance

6. Liable for all manufacturing quality problems in the quality guarantee period.

7. Unregular follow-up service after the production operation and timely listen users’comment.